Feuding Clans

暮 Twilight

A secretive clan of Ninja and Assassins, gold above honor is their code and friendship to them means as much as honor. With a reputation of being swift and effective killers some call them walking shadows though none have been able to question any of the clan to learn their secrets, often resorting to suicide over selling out their clan knowing if the clan learned of such betrayal death would be the least of their concerns. (Rogues and Sorcerers primarily populate Twilights ranks, many adept at brewing poisons.)

翡 Jade

A Noble though often odd clan of samurai and likeminded warriors. They are also known to the peasantry as the ‘RyuuMusha’ (Dragon Warrior) Each one carrying a signature weapon forged with a jade edge and strong belief in Bushidou. Their symbol is represented by the face of a dragon crafted of green stone (Jade Signifies Middle Class, emerald eyes in the badge signify nobility) (Paladins and Clerics to good aligned dieties generally populate this clan more than any other)

虎 Tiger

A fierce clan which relies heavily upon brawn and keen senses over finesse. This clan is known to produce many a promising monk or samurai and word of their exploits and reputation have even expanded to touch much of the western kingdoms as well. While the clan shows promise to rule there is still more than a few bullheaded young samurai who see themselves above the peasantry and unafraid to show it. (Fighters primarily outnumber the majority of the tigers numbers)

熊 Bear

A rather brutish clan with a strong sense of ‘Might Makes Right’ They care little for the code of Bushidou and thus end up a perfect magnet for many a barbarian, ronin, or castout. Their rank is identified by the fur in which they ware. Each clan member given a hares hide to wear over their shoulder. The bigger an animal felled in personal combat the greater respect one earns within the clan. (Bear clan is primarily dominated by Barbarians and Rangers)

鷹 Hawk

A well disciplined clan that is often seen as a religious order as well as a clan. Often known for their monks they are known to produce efficient samurai and other such warrior. While they do not personally engage actively in the skirmishes of the other clans being located in the central mountain range they do find the skirmishes often overflow into their territory. Many a monk from this order has been known to fell even the sharpest bladed barbarian. (Hawk Clan trains many monks due to their disciplined training)

鬼 Ogre

All of the Ogre clan were hideous masks, earch adorned with a jutting horn from the forehead, a third eye located in the brow of each mask and helm crafted of bronze. These warriors are criminals and outcasts of other clans. Known to do anything to reach their own ends and means they hold nothing sacred and thus earn the disrespect and mutual fear of the other clans. (Ogre Clan exhibit many different classes, no one dominates their numbers.)

  • Badges of Authority: Some clans exhibit badges of authority, for example being the Jade and Bear clans. Bears use furs to show rank (and often level) Jade does the same.

Feuding Clans

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