There had been a tale, one spoken by battle scarred warriors. It was a tale of war, greed, and misplaced pride, one that heavily scarred the land and tore many a battlefield a sunder. Two great lords, both of equal power sought to rule the land and expand their influence. Bordered just beside eachother, not half a days walk they each thought the other would be the perfect match for the other, whome better to conquer than your equal. The war lasted for days, with neither side yielding. Each of them holding strong in belief the other would fall with the next dawn, those hopes however were fruitless and days turned to weeks. Soon each had been so invested in their effort, the option of peaceful negotiation dwindled, then dissolved. Soon subterfuge and treachery marked true colors of this war. There was no longer anything just in this battle, only a sign of what such vanity and pride can bring.

Then upon the third week to the day four warriors, each toting a powerful weapon had came to the war torn land. With their might and the strength of their steel the two warring kingdoms were tore from the earth, rent and laid waste. The two prideful lords became monstrousities, forever cursed for their vain quest for glory. Each damned to blight the land they once thought to conquer and to torment the people they once hoped would see them as daimyo. The warriors vanished as swiftly as they had come. That was ten years past

Legend of the Four Blades

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