Popular Religions

Shinto:Animal, Plant, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Weather, Sun, Healing

Favored Weapon:Longsword Alignment: Any. Description:

Taoism: Good, Evil, Chaos, Law, Destruction, Protection, Fire, Water, Death, Plant Favored Weapon:War Fan Alignment: Any N. Description:


Amaterasu: Favored Weapon:Longsword Domains:Sun, Glory, Healing, Good, Fire. Alignment:L/G. Description: Goddess of the sun, and glory Amatersu walks with all those who walk the righteous path. Queen of the Celestial Heavens, and watcher of mankind. While she does not directly interact in the mortal world she will send her agents, often fire spirits to send warnings of encroaching dangers. She is seen as a human woman carrying a longspear. Signs of her pleasure are often beams of sunlight shining out the proper path for one to take. While her wrath is often blistering personal heat.

Hachiman: Favored Weapon:Katana(B.Sword) Domains: Earth, Plant, War, Animal, Protection. Alignment:N/G. Decription: Patron diety of the Jade Clan Hachiman is known as the God of War and Aggriculture. Where he walks, the righteous will follow. Always seeking to right what may be wrong in the world and bring reward to the just Hachiman is often seen as a man in grand great-armor with a one hand always resting upon swordhilt. Crusader and provider Worshippers of Hachiman are often Samurai and Noble-Samurai (Paladins) Often out to prove themselves and bring honor to themselves, their lord, or their house/clan.

Izanagi: Favored Weapon:Longspear Domains:Good, Law, Weather, Artifice, Nobility. Alignment:L/G. Description: God of Life and Creation, he is the God of storms and maker of the land of Eien. He and his Wife Izanami fashioned a spear, which with they stirred the great oceans and as the droplets that fell from the spearhead fell back into the ocean, those droplets created Eien. However Izanami would soon after die in childbirth, this event seperating the two. While Izanagi remained a God of Life and Creation, Izanami became bitter and had soon become Queen of the Dead.

Izanami: Favored Weapon:Spear Domains:Death, Evil, Repose, Nobility, Knowledge. Alignment:L/E. Description: Goddess of Death and the Dark lands of the Yomi, which reside in the spirit world Izanami was once wife to Izanagi. Though upon the Goddesses own death the Life Goddess became bound to and one with the dark lands of the restless dead. Appearing as a lovely faced woman with a body trapped in a perpetual rotting state she is responsible solely for death in the world, sending hags to collect souls and usher them into the dark, lonely, lands of the dead.

Susano-o: Favored Weapon:Katana&Wakazashi (L/S Swords) Domains: Glory, Chaos, Strength, Protection, Trickery. Alignment: C/N. Description: Susano-O is the God of modern day heroes. Often placed in such a position as their God themselves, happening to be at the right place at the right time. He is often seen as fickle, doing merely what he sees fit. Once he left the celestial heavens where the Gods dwell high above the Spirit Realm. Up above he bid his sister Amaterasu goodbye. When she doubted his good intentions the God had slain one of her own horses, leaving it in her weaving room. In response he was banished from the home of the Gods and banished to the mortal realm. After slaying the great river God Orochi, Susano-o crafted a sword of the beasts own bones and offered it up to Amaterasu as an offering. This act allowed him to resume his role as a God. Signs of his favor come as an unusual sheen in blades, minor damage in weapons or armor sponaniously repaired. Wrath can come in the form as a sudden death of livestock.

Raijin/Raiden: Favored Weapon:Warhammer Domains:Weather, Air, Chaos, Travel, Magic. Alignment: T/N Description: Raijin and his drum, capable of calling down thunder or Fujin with his bag capable of unleashing the four winds. These two great Oni were once chaotic and dark beings of destruction. Though over time the two had been tamed, and soothed. Now with worship the two great Oni are commonly reveared as the Gods of storms, worshipped seperately or as the pair. Each is depicted as a great Oni of red(Raijin) or green(Fujin) hue each carrying their signature item used to call about the storms. Signs of their pleasure are often calm storms or a single strike of lightning near the priest or favorable winds to shorten a seafairers travel. Wrath often means a near miss, or direct hit of lightning, or choppy winds capable of bending trees in its wake.

Orochi: Favored Weapon:Dire Flail. Domains: Water, Strength, Destruction, Chaos. Aligment: N/E. Description: Orochi, or the eight necked snake. Is an evil river diety often depicted as a collosal hydra capable of blackening entire valleys in its shadow. Those that worship him often have a small shrine housing an image of such a creature or a relief as such above their doorway. Sacrifices are often done in eights, typically the sacrifice of an animal to sate Orochi’s favor of blood. While Orochi himself lies in a dormant state after being slain by Susano-O continual worship keeps the creature alive, one popular belief is with enough worship the river God will one day rise again. Signs of his pleasure and displeasure are often construed. Flooding, of rivers, sightings or even swarms of snakes, even the residence of the Spawn-of-Orochi (Hydra) are common signs of his favor or wrath.

Tsuki-Yomi: Favored Weapon:Glaive Domains:Community, Charm, Darkness, Travel, Luck. Alignment: C/G. Description: Brother of Amaterasu Tsuki-Yomi is the God of Darkness and the Moon. Where Amaterasu is Yin, he is the Yang. The two never to meet or even look upon one another after Tsuki-Yomi slain one of Amaterasu’s own hand-maidens, a women capable of vomiting up food which was to provide a feast for him, the act alone forced Tsuki-Yomi to kill the handmaiden out of disgust. While not inheritly evil Tsuki-Yomi does enjoy attempting to undo what Amaterasu might do. Pulling worshippers away with sway of his word, or even attempting to encroach upon her blocking out the sunlight which bring about solar eclipses. Signs of his pleasure and wrath are quite clear, both shown with the visibility of the moon.

Inari: Favored Weapon:Whip. Domains:Trickery, Plant, Water, Magic, Knowledge, Good. Alignment:N/G. Description:Inari is the God/Goddess (He has been known to take appear as either an old man, or a young woman baring rice to those who honor him/her. Is a benevolent God of Magic, Trickery, and Fertility(Aggricultural). It is often depicted as being three seperate Gods, each with it’s corresponding role, Fertility, Rice, Trickery. Inari is also seen as the God of foxes and reigns over the kitsune yokai, though not all pay specific homage to him. He often shows his pleasure with sightings of a white fox, or a bountiful rice harvest. However the sudden combustion of storehouses or a poor rice harvest are seen as signs of his displeasure.

Divine Shadow: The unseen lord of darklands, he surfaced the same time the blackened sands began sweeping across the southwester regions, sapping the life from all it touches and leaving only mockerys of the originals in its wake. Some believe the fate of all is to succumb to the sands and this has given rise to those willingly worshipping that which would end all.

Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain Domains:Death, Destruction, Madness, Earth, Evil. Alignment: C/E

Popular Religions

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