Caste System

The caste system is broken down as follows:

Emperor:The emperor is seen as imphalible. The emperor is not born, he is elected by agreement from the Jade, Tiger, Hawk, and Bear Clans. Each having a particular test which the next emperor candidate must go through to demonstrate Honor, Cunning, Might, as well as Discipline. Each of which is needed for a proper leader. The current Emperor Hyokamaru has been seated in power for one year and is on a campaign to resolve the powers corrupting the western darklands.

Lord:Each lord reports to the emperor. They act as the messengers of his will. However, few will honestly respect such a position and in the end, each lord rules in his or her own way. It is considered improper to gaze directly upon direct nobility. A priviledge reserved strictly for Vassal-Lords

Vassal-Lord:Residents of the lords castle. Vassals are typically comprised of Samurai who have shown their worth in more than one occasion and their strength and loyalty has given them reward to live within the castle as well as smaller castles of their own. Typically situated near, or in towns which reside in the lords territory. They act as peace keepers and middle men between the peasantry and the residing Lord

Samurai: Warriors whome pledge alliegance to a particular Lord and are then divided up amongst Vassals. These warriors are respected and honored amongst the common peasantry though some who abuse such priviledges are also feared. This is also the only class to

Peasantry: Common farmers and civilians these are land-owning citizens and where most of the common populace falls into. The difference between Peasantry and Merchants is the fact they own land, and pay taxes, this respects earns them the basic civil-rights. (Right to Trial, Right to Own and Maintain property, Right to Work, Right to Bare Arms (Though not the Katana), Right to Audience)

Merchant:Ronin, traveling merchants, drifters and whores fall into this catagory. Seen slightly above animals these members of the caste are the lowest of the low as they do not own property. Most civil-rights are denied to this caste.

Caste System

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